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CENVEL®️ Organic Loose leaves Black Tea | 100% Pure Natural Black Tea Detox Tea

🍀Supreme Green Tea🍀100% Organic🍀Plastic Free🍀



🍀100 % REAL INGREDIENTS – Full-bodied organic loose leaves black tea. This authentic loose-leaf Ceylon black tea is very refreshing, well-balanced and packed with antioxidants.

🍀HAND-PICKED CEYLON TEA, PACKED AT THE ORIGIN – Freshly sourced from the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka or Ceylon, our black tea contains 100% pure Ceylon tea, hand-picked selectively using skillful tea pluckers. The single-origin, pure unblended tea is been packed at the origin to preserve the freshness.

🍀LOOSE TEA LEAVES FOR FULL EFFECT AND FLAVOUR – Choose loose tea for greater health benefits thanks to bigger leaves that keep more of their catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols.

🍀BEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS – CENVEL️ Teas are sourced from the Finest seasonal ingredients from the high hills of Sri Lanka. Our expert tea makers source only the finest premium quality loose leaf tea For your next CENVEL tea moment.
🍀FRESH – We only sell the freshly harvested tea so you can enjoy a tasty cup of tea

🍀VEGAN FRIENDLY – Vegetarian,kosher and non-GM, unblended whole black leaves, high in antioxidant, low in caffeine